What Men Don’t Know About Women and Sex


Men, this may well be the foremost helpful article you may ever browse. I’m getting ready to bust some myths that might rework your life and can force you to step into the shoes of the person you wish to be. Noa lot of excuses, no a lot of delay, as a result of we ladies want you to indicate up for the United States.

But first, let the American state go back a touch and set the scene for you.

When I was developing my new kick-ass employment program for men to require their sexual mastery to the subsequent level, I asked my community inquiries to fathom what they needed. thus I created a research campaign and commenced to speak on the phone with millions of folks regarding what’s operating and not operating for them in their sex life.

MY analysis FINDINGS

The first issue that I learned is that ladies square measure far more willing to speak regarding sex. I had more ladies reach out than men. ladies aren’t afraid to mention, “Something isn’t operating.”

I know – that’s not thus stunning as ladies tend to method their emotions and unharness stress through talking. However, if you can’t say one thing, you won’t be able to amendment it. pretense it doesn’t exist won’t fix the issue; it would create it disappear on the surface, however, it’ll grow larger beneath.

The second issue I learned is that these ladies crave bit and long to be needed and cherished. To women, fondness and a spotlight square measure like recent air; they’re required for the United States to thrive. Most people keep “connected” online, however, they lack the $64000 in-person expertise. thus drop your phone and hold someone’s hand whereas trying into their eyes for a moment.

But the third issue that I learned blew American state away as a result of it goes against the favored belief that ladies don’t wish sex the maximum amount as men do.

Are you prepared for this?

Every lady that I spoke to admitted having the next drive than her man. They needed sex over he did. thus here it is: ladies love and need sex. they’re hungry.

Men, square measure you able to penetrate your lady along with your|along with your} heart and fuck her silly with your throbbing cock?


In my personal apply, once operating with men, their common criticism is that she will not wish sex as typically as he does.

So what that tells American state is that each parties square measure pissed off in a way or another once it involves their sex life. It additionally implies that whether or not you’re male or feminine, you’re a sexual being and so wish sex. however, to possess sex, you’ve ought to offer her the sort she needs.

In today’s world, we’ve constant stimulation that just about overloads our senses. whether or not it’s the photographs dashing by on a screen or the continual chiming of our inbox, we have a tendency to square measure bombarded, and that we square measure largely out of balance.

Most women square measure too stressed to relax into sex, and most men square measure too tense to perform sex with mastery.

So intercourse becomes a technique to unharness stress and tension, however, it doesn’t feed our hearts and souls.

As a result, most girls walk around during this world under-fucked. Being under-fucked could be a condition that’s painful for each the girl UN agency’s not obtaining enough and also the man who needs to be around that pissed off, ill-tempered lady.


Turning sexual disfunction into sexual association can offer the United States bigger satisfaction. you would like to master your sexual skills currently. it’s such a lot larger than changing into an excellent lover – it’s regarding fucking her open like no over man.

Whether it’s mastering your ejaculation; achieving firmer, a lot of consistent erections; or experiencing a lot of powerful orgasms, take the lead and realize solutions to become the lover you recognize at the bottom you’re meant to be.

Bring sex back to your chamber – you recognize you each wish it.

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